Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiny Review: Aubergine Sky

I was having a look at this review on play this thing.

It just seems strange how many games that try to not be directly about play to win gaming (dare I say they try for a narrativist goal, as in the forge user of the term?), just end up with a minigame puzzle.

The puzzle always ends the same way. I'm wondering if they are trying for some experiential minage where the act of going through the minigame mentally becomes associated with and thus experientially linked with the story and emotions evoked.

And that's just not really good enough, is it? We already have TV and movies - playing a mini game simply to complement another passive experience media means its still just another passive media.

I think if you have moral choices in the game and then you play out some mini game where you might sacrifice your moral choice and switching to another one if your getting close to losing the game (sacrificing your position helps you win), that'd be something. Even just something like the conducts from nethack, like vegetarianism (when it's easier to eat meat), but brought more to the fore of the game, make it go from a passive experience into authoring a story by playing.

But I'm laying in - I commented after the review about a good use of text and bringing it into the game not in a sequential way (where you have to read it to get to the game) but in paralel with action happening. Your guys on the move, things are happening. Your not standing still so as to stay safe while reading the text - which would just be the same as having to click through the text first.

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