Monday, December 28, 2009

Self Moderation Vs Consenting to be Moderated

There's some discussion about self moderation on the forge here.
There is a difference between moderating yourself and consenting to be moderated.  Even when that consent is ongoing, they are experientially very different.

I was going to add the following but thought I'd wait so as not to take over the thread (too much?)

Yes, there is a difference between someone who, when going on a drinking bender, mails his car keys to himself and someone who simply relies willpower not to take up their car keys while drinking.

But in the end I call them both self moderation. Though I'll grant one is probably alot more effective than the other.

Oh, and on a different subject I made a hub on hub pages about how to make something that fends off snails from seedlings. It might seem a stretch, but I think of gardening in a game like aspect (and given the number of mmorpgs which have plant gathering in them (and that farmville game), I think in general culture it's taken to have game aspects.

Here's the link:

Oh even more: I've been meaning to pimp R Scott Bakkers 'The darkness that comes before' as it's called epic fantasy, but I think of it as education on philosophy. But haven't gotten around to it and I'm thinking of making it a kind of signature thing anyway


  1. You've been coming off as an extraordinary pompous arse on Playthisthing. I say this with as much hostility as I would tell someone that they have a bit of spinach caught in their teeth. But while we're on the topic of self-moderation...

    -- a friend

  2. And how are you self moderating? Your telling me I'm something without giving any evidence toward it? So basically you want me to believe whatever you say. That's pompous.

    Saying this in case you didn't realise your just telling me to believe anything you say. Hit me up with what standards I've crossed and I'll see if those standards are mine. I may very well have broken one or more of my own standards without realising it. But without evidence, you would just be pompous yourself, telling me what to believe as if your in a position to do that.

    If it's about the standards thing, I genuinely meant it when I said 'or am I wrong'. The other person just has to list a physically measurable cut off point and I'm proved wrong - if your reading it with a harsh tone, it was said with no more hostility or pompousness than if I was telling someone that they have a bit of spinach caught in their teeth.

    -- a less anonymous friend