Friday, December 4, 2009

Vampire Exile: Development Entry

The indie game in development now!

A work in progress.

Download / Quickplay :

Design notes: My goal was to have a game where there's always something you can do to improve your position. It's not meant to be complex gameplay, but it is meant to be highly engaging. I think I suceeded at that.

Future ideas are to have equipment and special codes so you don't just play the game, but his gear and name will be listed on my blog and will either give bonuses in latter games, or become part of the story itself.


  1. Hmm.

    It's a good idea, for a start. I think it would benefit from a bigger map, and being a bit slower. I found it engaging, like you said, but a bit frantic. After I discovered the basic trick, there weren't a lot of choices to make. I just had to keep zooming to trouble spots, getting bonus points when I had a spare second.

    If it were a bit bigger, there would be a few more trade-offs. Maybe certain areas are more prone to bonuses (which could be worth a bit more) and certain areas are more prone to trouble (which is dangerous to ignore)?

    For a soundtrack, a beating heart that gets louder and faster as the enemy score nears 1k...

    Look forward to MKII.

  2. When I wrote these, I often think of combat or tasks in mmorpgs. Like for example, mining in EVE. You sit there, you watch the laser...that's it. Or when you just wait.

    In a way I'm trying to prove you don't have to have dead air time, gameplay wise in mmorpgs. But if you come to it without knowing, it might seem a bit odd as a game. Thanks for playing (this and invaders from space)!