Friday, March 2, 2012

First Person Shooters: Shooting while walking backwards?

In every first person shooter I've played, walking backwards (and maybe side straffing as well whilst walking backwards) has ALWAYS been a useful tactic?

I just wonder how effective it is in real life? I mean, the world/the battlefield isn't exactly smooth, polished plastic like most floors in video games are (no matter what skin is placed over the plastic).

Wouldn't you stumble? Or aim poorly while considering walking backwards blind or even if you worry about stumbling right in the midst of bloody combat?

It's a bit like a double jump: Silly, yet pivotal to certain tactics.


  1. In laser tag and paintball, I have found walking backwards useful if I'm with a small group and am tail end charlie. I have gotten off a fair number of shots, and kills, that way. But that is more division of labor, sort of a zone defense, rather than a solo tactic that you use in an FPS.

  2. Thanks for that, Wilhelm!

    I suppose I should say I was playing Stalker: Call of Pripyat recently. In it your often walking through wilderness terrain/swamps and alot of opponents are mutant animals (dogs, especially) who do alot of damage in melee. So you end up walking backwards so as to get more shots off before they can bite - but in rough terrain, how well would that go down to aim in one direction while jogging (the walking speed is much slower) blind in another direction?