Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Dagger...Dagger Valley...yeaooowww!

I'm not sure why I started this with air guitar. But I did, so lets not speak of it again!

I've started a new kickstarter called 'Dagger Valley'. It's a blend of comic panels and a roll high for high scores game. It's sort of like playing zero level D&D - ie, you roll a lot and hope for high rolls to get through! Which I like as a premise. It'll be released as a free game on kickstarter, which you can be customed into the game to some degree depending on the reward you choose!

It's got a pretty humble goal of $66, which seems more than reasonable to me. A bargain even, yah yah?

I think I'd ramble onto some subject that's too obscure for a blurb about now, so I'll leave you with the link again instead! Dagger Valley

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