Friday, May 22, 2015

Parallels - the other you

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but keep meaning to figure how to do it properly - and don't. Therefore I will instead get it done the other way - half assedly!!

This page is in reference to the idea that amongst about seven billion people, there's going to be someone who thinks like me and will search for this page just as much!

Whoa, now hold your horses - you could have the idea of searching for someone like you, but be different from me still! So maybe this is a false positive here - you might be different but had the same idea. Just saying! But it's nice you had the same idea, so good on you - hope you run into your parallel if it does turn out a false positive! And if you are my parallel - well, this is awkward! But then, being my parallel, you already knew that. That's going to be repeatedly embarrassing - but that's a nuance of us, I guess!

I've done the occasional search but never set up an anchor page for the above reason of not knowing just the right way. But that'd be no good if all my parallels did the same thing, would it? We'd never find each other - only searching and planting nothing to be searched for. So here's the half assed version!

The warped side is, everyone usually thinks they are a unique being and here I am looking for the maybe hundreds or atleast dozens of paralels of myself. What if I don't find them - but I didn't want to be unique.

"You're all individuals!"

I'm not.


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