Saturday, May 2, 2015

Structure of reported 'Conciousness'

I aired this over at conscious entities first, but it deserves it's own little space!

I was thinking the issue of the reported 'experience' is something like this:

A is the pin pressed into the nerves of your finger tip.

B is the brain registering this, rather than just some nerves in your finger registering their input.

The thing is, this seems to be whole picture, yet it isn't the whole picture. Like, how do you know you're having an experience?

What if there is a C - this is the brain registering that B is occurring.

This would actually be a very useful survival trait - sometimes to get food you have to suffer a little pain/negative feedback. Instead of reflexively avoiding all pain,if the brain can monitor it's pain and create strategies to override the withdrawal reflex (in the name of gaining, say, honey while bees sting you)

The big issue here is that there is no D. D would be the brain registering that C is registering B.

Without a D, it seems B 'just happens' rather than it being a registering of B by C. Because you can't see C to see it's registering that. See? Scuse the pun!

But even if you had a D register, it might seem that C is just happening - it's a recursive issue. Every time you put on a new monitoring level, from the perspective of the subject that the monitoring level before it 'just happens'. It's inescapable. There's always one blind monitoring level.

But if we keep it simple and treat it that without a D, B just seems to happen - then the thing to think about is is 'experience' just happening, or are you failing to register your own registering/perception/seeing of it? Your seeing that you are having an experience - is that a C? And you lack a D to see the C in action? Thus C becomes invisible and off the radar - there only seems to be A and, seemingly most importantly, B?

Or more simply, how are you perceiving that you are having an experience right now? You report having an experience - but how are you detecting that? You just know - so you're saying you know experience is there, but you're also not seeing/perceiving/sensing it, somehow?

You say you're having an experience. So what is perceiving this?

Is it C?

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