Saturday, December 18, 2010

Far cry: Search for treasure, Philip!

I really think farcry 2 could have done with dual currencies. I'm playing it and I keep thinking that.

You work in rough diamonds (blood diamonds), and once you buy a gun with them, you have an unlimited amount of them.

I really think that if they used paper money as well as diamonds, it'd add more of a sense of currency to the game. Like the diamonds unlock the gun, but if you want a replacement after because yours got lost or rusty, it costs paper money.

The environment is pretty spartan - really there isn't much point to exploration, and yet at the same time nor is it like space invaders and shuttling you instantly to the next war (ie, there's lots of driving, but not much to see).

While if your collecting cash here and there, it makes the world seem more textured as there, like, actually appears to be something there. Even if you have more cash than you really need, there still seems to be more to the word if you can actually grab something from it that's potentially of use.

Perhaps they were shooting for a grim, nihilistic, empty world feel. But that's the problem with shooting for feel like that - it might make actually playing the game (as opposed to looking at it) not very fun.

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