Saturday, December 18, 2010

Would you pay 20cents to play a naked orc game? No? That sounds silly?

Is it an observation to say that what seems to be the cool thing, though not much to do with the game...

Is done here in the second video?

I dunno, perhaps there in the current wow there is more running around in the word and massively hammering stuff as part of gameplay (I'm not sure pissing about in crossroads counts as part of gameplay)?

It also raises the question that if you pitched a game where you said "Hey, in this game for two hours you can run around as a naked orc and wail on something to not much effect" the very people in this video would be unlikely to buy it, or even download such a game for free. Yet here they are, doing it, no doubt for roughly two hours or so (including getting there, etc).

People act like they have high standards and pretend they aren't into certain game stuff, so much so they wouldn't buy it. But they are. It's hard when your actually trying to make games, yet people wont admit they wanna do X. Even to themselves.

Oh, the twenty cents I pulled from the idea of playing five hours a day multiplied by say thirty days. Then divide $15 by that.

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