Monday, December 20, 2010

By reading my blog you tacitly agree you owe me $100. Sounds stupid? Exactly.

I'm really astounded about people understanding of the legalistic/police structure that hangs above them.

In fact this is exactly the same principle I've described where people complain about gankers ganking them, never thinking the ganker could not without the programmer putting in the ability.

It's like all you have to do to become utterly invisible to people is that you get someone else, who was otherwise incapable of attacking them, then arm that person and send them on the attack. The only thing the target will think about, apparently, is the person attacking them. You, the arms dealer - your invisible! Enjoy your stay at club blindness!

And so it is here

The idea that somehow, magically, other people in the world just mystically have the capacity to obtain your tacit agreement to use your copyrighted property.


No they don't.

Instead there is a legalistic/police structure where for some reason. Somewhere in that mess are people(s) saying that if someone uses your copyrighted property and you don't 'move against them', you've given them tacit approval.

Except everyone blames the person either using the copyright material or the one suing them for it - they are all blind to a third party. A third party who is an ass. As well?

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