Friday, December 10, 2010

Farcry 2: Hey buddy, why so shooty?

I'm playing far cry two and sometimes the badguys (or as they are otherwise known, the only people in the whole world) get wounded. Yet they still pull a gat and will pop pistol rounds at you if you get close.

I think it'd be cool if you could actually offer mercy to these guys sometimes and it'd perhaps pay off in a longer term. You tell them to surrender and maybe give them a healing syringe and perhaps at some point latter on, when your screwed, one of them will show some mercy to you.

Indeed I'd love a first person shooter with a sort of political diplomacy element to it that you can engage, to try and bring some peace. Or atleast some geneva conventions to fighting! It'd be interesting. Then again, in Dues Ex, I spent alot of the time sneaking up behind people and cattle prodding them into being knocked out rather than dead. Similarly in splinter cell.

It's just not terribly interesting in itself to kill.

And it takes alot of skill to not kill a man.

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