Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Commenting on Comments: SWTOR: When did you decide to play for years?

I noticed on another blog, someone saying that star wars the old republic didn't have enough there to be played for years.

I love the implicit assumption there - that you'd want to play for years?

When do you decide what point do you say you want to play a game for, say, half a decade?

Or do you never say that, you just kinda fall into it while playing world of warcraft?

I get some people get really tied up in vitual assets - they too kinda fall into finding it intensely important to build up assets in the game world and just leave it all?

But that's gotta be a kind of madness where you blame a game for not being something that lasts for years so as to make those assets 'matter' for longer, without recognising any of these issues?


  1. Well, when the business model depends on keeping people subscribed for the maximum amount of time, commenting on the perceived longevity of the game content seems fine.

    Granted, it seems awfully early to be making such a call, but it stills seems like a valid parameter for discussion.

  2. Actually that raises a second topic for me, Wilhelm - why comment on that? Do you comment on whether the company who makes a soft drink you buy will last for future years?

    I mean, it's almost like people are talking about the game like the own stock in the company (or are considering owning stock in the company).

    Lots of things are fine to do. But why do it?

  3. The only answer to "why" is "why not?"

    Why object to that particular aspect of SWTOR discussion? How much content there is seems as reasonable a discussion point as many others you could come up with. MMO bloggers love to go after that sort of minutiae. The list of "why bother" discussions is huge if you start trying to apply real world comparisons.

    As for applying that similar out of content thought to the real world...

    Do I worry about Coca-Cola suddenly ceasing to be available? No. I suspect it will be there forever, though it would be nice if they never again changed the color of regular Coke cans to white.

    Do I worry if the new restaurant that opened up the street will survive? Sometimes. If it is a nice place and serves something I like and I know that the last six places that opened up in that location folded in six months. I've lived that one a few times, including three of those six previous places that folded.

    Or do I wonder if New Balance will discontinue the shoes I just bought and really like when, two years down the road, I want another pair? I do now, since that keeps happening to me.

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  5. "Why not" is fine if you don't mind not knowing why you do things, you just do them.

    I think there's a lack of self reflection on why people find something like the capacity to play for years important.

    Maybe it is just minutae, no more important than if someone said there weren't any green twilecks. Maybe I just read the author of it finding it more important than they actually did. It's possible.

  6. Sadly a spammer gave both a relevant comment (seemingly) and gold buying links, so I'm deleting the post (you can't edit them in blogger, can you?) but keeping the content.

    Sinreal11 said:
    you just kinda fall into it while playing world of warcraft?