Sunday, January 29, 2012

Character death and nuts

Ran across a post today
1. The dice are never adjusted. What you roll is what you get.

2. If the dice are adjusted, that only happens transparently and in the open.

3. If the dice are adjusted it is done secretly by the GM.


The players were in favor of either 2 or 3 as long as it supported their play goals of doing cool things and avoiding a non-meaningful death.

Comments included: “This seems like something that only people on a RPG forum would  care about. This is why I don’t post on an online forum.”

I really love the attempted pigeon holing at the end. Never mind that if your enforcing 2 & 3 (never mind how nebulous the idea of a 'heroic' or 'meaningful' death is), your still following rules.

It's the fact that these players are allergic to character death just out of the blue. But hey, only someone who reads forums would care about, crazily enough, trying to only play games that don't have random PC death or care about getting their GM to add house rules against it.

It's like someone with a nut alergy saying "Only those people on forums about food alergies care about this stuff! I just buy whatever!"

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