Monday, January 23, 2012

Driftwurld: Ostrosaurus's!

I'm not even sure if they are called Ostrosaurus's anymore!

Implimenting things on the Driftwurld map isn't as straight forward as making single pages before. Because I have to intigrate things and put in one thing at a time without actually getting to the fun part. I mean, making a monster attack you. Making you be able to detect them around your map position. Making them form from one side of the map and slowly migrate across the map. The fun bit is tip toeing around them like they are a minefield on the play map. But that's a long way away!

I suppose I'll draw them into the map manually first, and I kind of know how to do the detection coding. So that'll get the minefield part going - it will just be a static minefield. Ideally in future they will move around once a week. And in future you will be able to fight and kill them - and then one a week there's a chance (maybe 50%) another will spawn at the far side of the map (hatched from an egg) and move in!

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