Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lost in Bloglation

I just blundered with three posts in a row on another blog, one with a white background.

In my defence, imagine if someone said "Hey, we saw this house on fire today. So, I start talking with a guy about the firehose..."

"The fireman was talking to you instead of putting out the fire!?"

"No, listen, I didn't say a fireman, I just said a guy."

"So you talked with him about the fire, how big it was? What sort of hose you need to put it out, maybe?"

"No, listen again, we talked about the firehose! It's a firehose talk!"

"But...isn't the fire the big thing you first mentioned?"

So, having said that - how do you feel about white backgrounds in blogs?

Any comments that aren't discussing white backgrounds are off topic! >:)

I mean, you can see that's what I wanted to talk about. I did mention it at the top, after all!

Just teasing. ;)

(I should probably note my prior post is a result of such missunderstanding, but I'm too lazy to edit and atleast in the context I wrote it, it's applicable. Even if no one was talking about that at the time!!)

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