Thursday, November 5, 2009


This is for the newest story gauntlet I'm running!

The game is here:
Check it out, it's a short and fun shoot 'em up adventure!

To activate the easier difficulty mode (half as many badguys spawned), press enter at any time.

If you have already played and have the special code that will allow the adventure to continue, write it in the comments below!!! Or DOOM!!!

Seriously, by getting feedback I know people want more, which helps me create more! It's helping out a struggling fellow game designer! Thanks!

The log bypass code is: Press '8' on your keyboard
If you've already done the first level, the skip code is pressing '1' on your keyboard


  1. Yes!! Thank you. Now further development can roll on! :)

  2. Okay, I'm ready for the NEW CODE! The ones above are the previous code!

  3. GOZ

    Huh. Somehow, I expected to find some way to unlock more content here, so I left this for later on my previous go. If I knew that's all, I'd just reply to that last PM right away.


  4. Hooo boy, this is a project from a little while ago.

    Looking at it, I can see it could be read that way. Sorry, Filip! It was more an experiment to see if at the very least I could get some user responce in return.

    I'm not sure I'll be resurecting this project, but I'll take it as encouragement to continue on others! Sorry, I didn't think to put in an end date.