Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things you shouldn't say AS a girl gamer

Kind of a responce to here, in no particular order:

1. "You're not bad ... for a girl." The "not bad" part would have been sufficient. Said with a cocked eyebrow and a smirk would even be quite endearing. But that "for a girl" kills it, fella.

On the flip side, men have been competing with other men since they were born - if it seems like the woman didn't even really care about winning AND she beat you, it's soul shattering. You want guys to chat you up nicely? Try not shattering their souls first. This might be sexist, but as a woman you might not be used to competing with others since birth (unless you had three brothers or something...), so maybe your a bit more relaxed about the whole thing and don't outwardly show any sweat. Start showing your sweat - and genuine sweat, not some made up crap (yeah, were men, but we still know when it's BS, k).

4. "Wow. I can't believe you actually beat me." Sorry 'bout that. Maybe the game cheated? A congratulations, however bitter, and a challenge of a rematch would have been a better way to play this scenario.
Umm, guys face this as well. Don't bother thinking it's about your gender - this stems from a basic inability  to accept a reality they didn't expect.

8. "No, you wouldn't like this game. It's all bloody and gory." Yes, and my tiny girl brain would not be able to handle anything that's not pink and glittery.
Perhaps not for all men, but the subtext here is "I'm a little ashamed that I like blood and gore as much as I do and I'm trying to hide that a bit to look better in front of you rather than look like a homicidal maniac...and I seem to be digging a hole for myself?? I'm confused and WTF, somebody help me?". Again, if you want guys to chat you up nicely, start reading their subtext on what they are actually trying to do...however clumsily they are doing it.

3. "You play video games? What, like 'Wii Fit' and 'Wii Tennis'?" Nothing against the Wii (sorry, I'm just not a fan) and casual gaming in general, but if someone is telling you they're a "gamer," these are probably not their games of choice.
Male subtext "Hey, I'll try and reach out to you and...oh, oh, uh, okay, I'm wrong...I'll stop trying to reach out now..."
Wow, throw a bone, perhaps?

I mean, did you even try and guess what games they play? Try to do it first next time and you might find what it's like to really stumble and fall on that part.

And on 10 & 5 I'm just in denial that men would say that! I really hope not!

There's your gaming flirting advice for gamer girls!


  1. Nice post, although I think you may have been reading to much into the article... I agree with #4, I say that when anyone beats me :P

  2. It depends on how seriously #4 is being said. I'm assuming the article refered to it being said in a serious way.