Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is the GM trying to play your character? Or are you trying to play the GM's characters?

If all the NPC's have it in for you...

If the GM is playing out the character of NPC, then you seem a bit of a prima donna rather than him being the problem. It's alright for you to play out your character, but he's not allowed to play out his character(s)??

But if the GM's just trying to bully you into playing your character the way he wants you to play it, yeah, he's the problem.

There's also a tricky middle ground - if all the NPC's want to bully your PC into acting like them, are you okay with that? Or do you demand that all NPCs respect how your character wants to live his life? Because really, does an NPC have to give a crap about whether your PC is having a hard time?
It's worth thinking about.

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