Sunday, November 8, 2009

Your Runes of Magic character motivations!

Are you on Siochain OR Macantacht server? If so, what's your Runes of Magic character motivation? Even if it's light hearted and a single sentence, that's fine! Even if your guys just a fighting guy, that counts!

Your characters motivation is important! So I'm paying 3k gold each!!! That's for 50 motivations total (I've only got so much gold!).

Leave your character name in your post (AND which server they are from), so I can mail you the gold. Or you can send me in game mail and point out which post was yours (send to 'Dreambroken', with a capital 'D'). You can post anonymously for this, that's fine. Only one entry per character per day.

I look forward to hearing your character motives!

Oh, and if motivations get a bit overly serious I might delete them here (but I'll send the gold anyway if it seemed a serious entry). There's one below that's a bit overly serious.


  1. Greetings one and all!

    My name is Kyndeyrn, a knight in training.

    You ask of my motivation? What more motivation is needed than to make this world of ours a better place for all? There are those who see might as right and seek to put themselves above others for no other reason than greed. My father taught me that such people are wrong - and history proves this. The past shows that the power-hungry pervert the needs of society to their own aims.

    Still, I digress. My motivation is to work for the betterment of all who seek the same aim, and to chastise those who do not....

  2. Cool! Thanks! I've sent 5k through to that character!

  3. I am Grymreapa
    Through heroes eyes I see the world, banishing the evil Rufa with one flick of my mighty sword. Cutting swathes through the bloodfang and keeping their bloodied skulls for trophys and taming the beast tamers deep in their windmilled lair.
    But a lonely world I keep.
    For never is a shout heard throughout this world that a warrior is needed. No invites to join, no instances to clear and forums set up to tell me how bad I am.
    But I am not bad.
    I am a warrior.
    And how they will learn my vengance is strong when I solo the bosses that make them weep.
    My motivation is that.

  4. Good stuff! Sent 2K through today!

  5. Hello!
    My RoM nickname is Eldmor, and I'm Rogue/Knight @ Siochain. Level is atm 20/16.
    I started to play RoM, because my cousin plays it. After two weeks, I have played every day :). This is so good game. My second motivation to the game is that, I have new best friend via the game.

  6. Well, thanks, but were going more for character motivations than player motives. Like what does your character think? If your character was real, what would he think? I'll send through 2k out of goodwill, anyway :)

  7. Hi Scrollbreak, I am Xilin, a budding warrior/scout. I am the younger of 2 sisters. My older sis is really serious; studies all the time. What a bore. Me, I rather just act. It's a great world out there. So much I want to see and do. I am intriqued by the old stories of dragons. If you know any dragons lore please tell me. Would really love to find and wake one up. That will be really, really cool :)

  8. Actually that sounds really, really scary! 2k sent through! :)

  9. My name's Gospodjica, i'm a roguess that likes browsing the Taborea plains and hills by my horse, and i find utmost pleasure in that.

  10. I'm georgebojanic and my motive is the death of Borofar, all day long, i'm there even when you think i'm not, i kill it everyday, all the time, to full eternity

  11. I'm a young half-elf Truerror R/S 19/18, and I'm actually trying to get so scared in some adventure, that the child I'm carrying would abandon growth and leave my body. (I'm also wasting my mind and body strength by experimenting the effects of eating every possible herb I find on Taborea.)

    Do tell me if you find some wizard, that I should meet. I don't want to give birth - I'm way too young! Help!!!

  12. You know, that would be too serious for the hello kitty mmorpg, and I'm pretty sure it's still too serious for the runes of magic mmorpg.

    Finished patching and sending 2K though. But if you want to be taken that seriously, you need a more serious platform to work on than a boys own adventure mmorpg.