Monday, November 9, 2009

Make money online: I made $10 so far! And also some stuff on adsense/adwords

YAY! I just made 1100 points on rewards central + myopinions combined! That equates to $10! I joined rewards central on the 23rd of September (and joined myopinions shortly after) and now it's the 10th of November. That makes it take around a month and a half to make $10. And you can cash out $30 at 3300 points.

Here's the review I did of rewards central, a little while back:

So that's not a bad bit of side income, eh? What's interesting is they have an e-bank, where you can term deposit your points at rates that beat seemingly all the banks (it probably does, but I'm covering my bases by just saying it seems to). For example, if you put in 1100 points for just one month, it's at 7.7765 variable (and I've only seen them vary upward) that's 0.23 of a point per day, so another point every five days or less. Put it in for longer, it takes even fewer days to get each bonus point. The more you earn, the more you earn!

Here's the ideal signup (as it is a referal link from me - if you find this info useful and want to join I'd appreciate if you use these links, thanks :) ):
And for myopinions, which is as far as I can tell rewards centrals sister site

Now I'm gunna hybridise this post, because I've been looking at adwords and adsense. Some of the words out there get a heck of alot of searches. Like I thought make money online got alot at 3mil per month, but 'harry potter' gets 20mil per month! That's alot of clout! Of course it's copy righted IP, but at the same time discussing it is okay. I know there are a million Harry Potter fan fics out there, and people doing HP roleplaying on forums. There would seem to be ways of vectoring a blog into that significant search vector.

Bringing that up as a discussion point, beyond just noting the milestone with rewards central.

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